2019 was another very busy year for my photography.  Lots of fun and variety.  I shot 3 awesome weddings, did 9 family shoots, shot 5 models sessions with approx 8 – 10 models each session, covered 4 events including a charity event and another fundraiser.  I attended 2 photography workshops to learn new things, did 17 photography inspired trips including interstate and overseas.  I shot 7 jobs of photographing the advertising on buses for a media company I work for, did 10 judgings and gave presentations to camera clubs, and with the team I helped shoot over 200 groups of people and dogs at Christmas for our yearly Santa Beach Photos business.  I also did admin work for four businesses since I’m a little odd and enjoy paperwork.

Next year promises a lot more learning, more playing with photography props, trying some new techniques, an amazing trip to Europe we have planned, 3 weddings which I have already booked, and I look forward to covering lots of events, starting with an engagement party shortly. I’m also keen to work with more models next year and give club presentations and remote judgings.

I bought a few pieces of gear this year and will probably replace my Canon 5d mk 3 as I checked the shutter count recently and it’s done over 88,000 images already in the time I’ve owned it.  It’s been a really faithful workhorse. It will get put into semi retirement as a backup camera at weddings. I look forward to see what Canon are bringing out in 2020 that I can upgrade to.  We live in exciting times technology wise.  Here’s to a fantastic 2020.