Purdie Photography Designs is live!

Early in 2020, I was watching a video which led to another bunch of videos and another, and came up with an exciting new idea to expand Purdie Photography in between paid gigs (events, photographing models, business head shots, shooting the advertising on buses, weddings and portrait sessions for families).

So Purdie Photography Designs is launched.  It’s bringing together photography into real life practical products you can use.  You order from my online shop and the products get sent directly to you from the manufacturer so it’s a great system.  No wastage.

I have had my head down for a couple of weeks now designing the products for my collection. Things like clothes, shoes, notebooks, water bottles, lap top sleeves, umbrellas, many different types of bags, mugs and other useful things.

I’m particularly excited about the rose designed high heels I have created. The heels would go great with jeans and a loose-fitting plain shirt and also be ideal for Brides, Bridesmaids, Marriage Celebrants or Mother of the Bride/Groom to dress up an outfit.  I made the same designs with a low heel too and flats for casual wear.  The rose bouquet is from a real wedding.

A few cheeky bikini designs are in there too which I hope you will enjoy, and lots of thongs for my Aussie friends and Jandals for my Kiwi friends.

I’ve tried to incorporate bigger sizes where available and haven’t dropped those out of the designs and have given thought to the products and how they work.  Some designs run to 5XL which is great.

Where there’s a choice of styles, I’ve gone with what I love and would wear or use.  Like the spiral bound notebooks. These always stay open on your desk for notes better than the firm bound ones, so I have included spiral bound notebooks in my store.

A lot of the products are either printed in America or in the UK.

And there’s not just designs for ladies but for guys too.

Some of the products are designed to be used together such as the sports bra and drawstring shorts or the thongs with the matching tote bag, or the bikini which can slip into a matching accessories pouch with a zip to keep it safe for travelling.

Along the way a few designs were epic fails and made me laugh.  Trees that ended up in the wrong places and petals that curled right where you don’t want them to.

I thought about friends I know who love Daisies, Sunflowers, Frangipanis, Roses, Succulents, Tulips, Pelicans or Waterlilies. These are incorporated into my products along with other images.

I have used 50 different images which are all my own work, and created 200 different products with 29 unique products at the time of launch.

My brain never stops ticking over of designs I could make, or new things to photograph so check out my shop regularly and follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see new creations.

With restrictions on non essential shopping during the first part of 2020, I found I was able to design things I needed or wanted and order them without leaving home.  They arrived by post, and at the same time I could test the quality of the products I was offering my customers.

Things like the soft canvas shoes which I love wearing, thongs that are also super comfy, a bikini, new mousemat, iPhone cover, and some tops.  I was impressed with the quality of everything I bought.

Head on over to my online store by clicking the Shop Now button below to see what I’ve created and be among my first buyers, either for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.  Thanks for your support.