Been another great year for me photography wise.

I’ve photographed 3 weddings, 21 portrait jobs, worked with dozens of models, have given presentations and judgings at many photography clubs and chased heaps of buses with advertising on them. With the Santa Beach Photos team I helped to shoot 160 groups of people this year.

I only replaced one item of gear (Speedlight Flash unit) due to breaking it on a job.

Next year I may replace my camera body and retire the Canon 5d mk 3 to a backup. It’s been an amazing workhorse for me over the last nearly 6 years.

These above are some of my favourite images of the year.

On a personal note, I photographed our youngest child graduating, spent two weeks in America, and learnt to ride a motorbike and got my licence. It’s been a good year.

Here’s to another great year next year meeting lots more clients, some fantastic opportunities and chasing more buses which is always fun.