You may be tempted to save money on your big day by asking a friend with a newly purchased digital camera complete with kit lens to ‘do your photos’ or trust the job to Uncle Bob who’s been taking photos longer than you have been alive, but it’s an awful load of work and pressure to put on someone else, especially if they have no idea what they are doing.  Friendships can, and have been ruined over it. Guests want to relax and enjoy a wedding not be madly rushing about trying to take photos, climb ladders for group shots, organize people and generally stress themselves and everyone else out. Not to mention how dodgy the photos might turn out. People tell me horror stories all the time.

One of my friend’s nephew’s got married and instead of hiring a photographer, they bought a new SLR camera off the shelf and gave it to their hairdresser to take photos with.  They didn’t tell her until just before the ceremony was due to start. Talk about throwing her off the deep end.

I’ve also been involved in trying to rescue photos shot by a Groom’s cousin.  The photos were terrible.  For the price paid, they could have hired someone who knew what they were doing in the first place. It’s a huge risk to take with the most special day of your life.

Professional Photographers:

+ Have professional cameras and lenses, and know how to use them.  Not all cameras and lenses are created equal.

+  Know how to work with changing light and flash

+  Understand posing people and working with backgrounds, and props to create great photos

+  Carry backup cameras & specialized equipment

+  Can cope with working in difficult circumstances & situations

+  Understand how weddings flow and can offer assistance

+  Have experience in dealing with all types of people and organizing groups

+ Know how to edit images to a high standard using the latest post production software

+ Have backup systems in place to care for your digital images after the event and into the future

+  Can offer you quality products such as albums, canvases, enlargements etc

+  Are generally regularly working hard to upskill themselves in all aspects of photography and they practice often

+ Have a passion for it and will be an asset to have around on your big day