2021 was a huge year despite all the lockdowns and drama we endured as a state, nation and world.  And it’s not even over yet with a month to go, but I’m sure feeling it.   I got through a huge amount of photography and editing work, and even found time in the middle of the year to write a book I have had on my heart for many many years.

Some weddings from last year were postponed to 2021 and I managed to shoot them inbetween lockdowns.  One was my very first wedding photography assistant so was wonderful to shoot his wedding despite the rain on the day.

My eldest son also managed to squeeze in his lovely wedding in July and his Honeymoon either side of lockdown, and I got in a quick week in New Zealand to deal with family matters before the border shut again.

I had some fun shooting from a Hot Air Balloon with my daughter, and bought myself a Drone for my birthday and learnt to fly it this year.  It provided a whole new perspective on things I normally only see from the ground level.  It has provided a few heart stopping moments losing it out of sight which is one thing you’re not supposed to do.  Sometimes it got lost above trees, over the Brisbane River or the battery ran low and I just managed to land it in time.

I’ve been enjoying my Canon R5 camera again this year and have shot over 10,000 images with it since I bought it last year.

This year I have photographed roughly 64 models, 19 portrait sessions, musicians, talented kids, and been out on a dozen photography related trips including a new thing – chasing frogs around in the dark and often wet conditions.  Sometimes chasing frogs we come across scary cane toads or sneaky snakes so they always make me scream much to the amusement of my fellow photographers.  I also loved shooting in the city with rain and rain puddles with a good friend this year and made some great images.

In the middle of the year I got to be a stills photographer on the set of a movie and attend the premiere too.  I was an extra in the movie so that was a lot of fun shooting and being on set seeing how things were filmed.  Got to meet some lovely and talented people.

As well as my own photography work, I contract my business to another photographer in the city and shoot school formals and graduation dinners.

I did a bunch of them this year with one more to go.  My favourite was the home schooled kids who had an open mic time during dinner and shared stories of how they were bullied at traditional schools by either other kids or teachers, and now are doing so much better with home schooling.  One guy went from an average of a D grade to a B grade.  They were so supportive of each other too.  Lots of dedicated parents are also teachers in our community and doing a great job.  Their school formal featured cars which I got to shoot as well, so lots of fun.

I did some product photography for businesses and also photographed the advertising on buses again, plus Santa Beach Photos which is my Christmas business with other photographers in the team.  We are booked solid with a few more weeks of shooting to complete before we can put our feet up for a much needed break.

I got around to a bunch of camera clubs too, giving talks and live judgings or judgings online. I was one of two female judges to judge the print section of the Ekka which was unfortunately cancelled to the public.

In my design business I have sold many items this year mostly through my Shopify store and my Etsy stores.  Lots of new designs and products have been added to my store with new ideas coming for 2022.  ppddesigns.com

Some of my fav images shot this year are below.

I aim to work on more videoing next year and editing, marketing my book, plus hopefully upgrade one of my lenses to the new RF glass which is amazing.

Cheers to a great 2022 with lots of fun, adventures and excellent photography opportunities.