I started shooting weddings in 2006 and over that time I’ve had quite a few brides come back to me upset that they have misplaced the disk of wedding images I gave them.  Disks are easy to lose in all your personal belongings I admit.  I switched to USB’s a few years later when computers especially Mac’s started being manufactured without disk slots.  The future was seeable right there.  DVD’s were on their way out.  The USB’s I supplied were always provided with a swing tag attached so they were easily identifiable.  Provided in a small gold box hopefully made it stand out further as a valuable item not to be lost, but it seems that’s not the case.  I’ve had to replace USB’s many times for brides.

Now I’ve switched to these super cute 8gb USB’s in bottles with a cork lid.  The USB part is attached to the cork.  Still with a swing tag but now able to be displayed so hopefully less loseable, especially when couples move house and things get all mixed up. I’ve tested them and they seem to work well so looking forward to giving these to future wedding clients.