Been a while since my last Blog post (so my eldest son reminded me yesterday), but as usual I’ve been up to loads of stuff.

Our daughter loves to tell people that her parents ‘bought a Motorcycle and went to Vegas’ the next day.  Not quite true, we bought a Kawasaki Ninja and went to Los Angeles first the next day, then down to Oceanside, San Diego, even into Mexico which was incredible, then to Las Vegas, through the amazing Death Valley, Yosemite National Park which was incredible too, played in snow, and ended up in San Francisco for a few days. Hubby did two Triathlons, caught up with Instagram friends, and we hit Disneyland and California Adventureland until midnight. We partied hard. And perhaps a little of a mid life crises but who cares.  Got to live life and enjoy it while you can.

Highlight of the trip was probably the Helicopter flight to the Grand Canyon.  That was just amazing.  Weather was perfect and we enjoyed a champagne breakfast in the canyon.  The YouTube Video I made is at:

Then we came home and rode my Ninja until hubby bought his own Ninja.  Now we ride together.  I got some great Harley Davidson boots in Las Vegas and just got hubby kitted up with gear last weekend.

My first supervised ride on the Ninja can be seen on my You Tube channel at:

On the photography front, things have been a little quiet as we are coming into winter but have got three weddings booked which I’m excited about.  One is local, one on Coochimudlo Island and one in a beautiful winery area up north.  Also a school formal shoot and another family shoot with a brand new baby coming up next weekend.

I’ve been out in the bush too, shooting landscapes and making time lapses, and doing some more video editing to keep up my video editing skills.

I have also been doing PA work for another photographer, helping her edit images and get through her work load, and catching up on two lots of business paperwork to keep our accountant happy.

I’ve done a couple of model shoots, a few family shoots and will be speaking and judging shortly in Mt Gravatt, Ipswich and the Gold Coast with remote judgings for Townsville, Noosa and Gladstone camera clubs.  I love giving live presentations in front of audiences.

Considering I didn’t start talking until I was 4, I think I’ve done pretty well making up for it. My brother used to do all the talking for me, so I didn’t have anything to say.  He could be heard saying to our mother, “No Victoria said she’s not hungry.  In fact, she said I could have her biscuits too” hahaha.

Here’s a few of my fav holiday photos taken of our trip.

The Wall that divides Mexico and San Diego, sticking out into the water. Incredible sight to see

The famous Joshua Trees

Mojave National Preserve

Ariel view over part of the Grand Canyon

One of the very special flowers in the Grand Canyon

Flying with Sundance Helicopters was a treat.  Even got picked up in a black stretch limo

Death Valley was incredible

Yosemite where Ansel Adams did his famous landscape work

The famous Golden Gate Bridge

Balboa Park had so much to look at

San Francisco Trams making a turn