I grew up holidaying on an island called Rangitoto off Auckland.  It’s circular in shape and an extinct volcano.  I always loved the place with a passion.  The uniqueness, the sense of community and the fun outdoor life we lived there.  There were many old characters who owned baches (small holiday houses) on the island.  Built in the 1930’s they were trapped in time due to a government controversy which saw many baches pulled down in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

I started taking photographs on the island when I was little with an old Box Brownie and the last few times I visited, I photographed everything and every angle including every flower or weed I could find.  I knew one day I would sit down and write this book.

In mid 2021 I started researching and writing. It has been a throughly enjoyable project.  I sifted through more than 13,000 online newspaper articles from the 1800’s and listened to, and read transcripts by, some famous old characters on the island including my Great Uncle Jimmy who owned our bach.

There was so much I didn’t know originally so it’s been very interesting.  The last book I can find on the island was written in 1984 and is all in black and white, so this book takes a fresh modern approach to the subject and delivers a 72 page coffee table style book with a glossy hard cover and lovely paper inside.

It’s not just a comprehensive history book, but also covers all the walks you can do on Rangitoto and features information on flora and fauna, birds you can find on the island and much more.

I am just starting marketing now after printing and re-editing a few copies of the book.  Check it out at: View Book

For me to finally write this book after so many years is a goal accomplished and a dream come true.

Update:  I had the Auckland Library systems buyer purchase 10 books to be sent to libraries all over Auckland.  So if you’re nearby to an Auckland Library, pop into the non fiction New Zealand History section and hopefully you can find one of my books.