2022 was huge!  It went really fast and I packed a lot in.  I had two trips to New Zealand to deal with family matters and 27 days in Europe seeing the sights.  We did 11 cities in 7 countries over the 27 days.  I shot a lot of video and taught myself the art of using Tiktok both to edit videos in my phone and to build up my account.

Back in Brisbane I got to do a few frog hunting at night trips, photographing butterflies, wildlife, helicopters, city light trips shooting architecture and with water puddles after rain, street photography and photographed stacks of models, families, dogs, and some horses.

I flew my drone in lots of places both here and overseas, my favourite location being on Santorini Island which was stunning.

I photographed three weddings which were all lovely and booked a destination wedding for early 2023.

I photographed a few formal photos with families and official city events, an Indian Diwali party which was so much fun to be involved in, a huge kids party at a gym, and did an engagement party which was also very beautiful.

I continued my work photographing the advertising on buses and went out of my area a few times to cover other buses for the company I do Freelance work for.

This year I treated myself to the amazing Canon RF glass 70-200mm F2.8 lens.  It’s white and is pretty incredible.  It fits in my new camera bag much more compact and is lighter to carry around.  I had my main lens repaired yet again after only 2 years of use and continued to enjoy the Canon R5.

In April while I was in New Zealand I got to see the book I wrote last year in the Auckland Library system.  It’s 72 glossy pages in an A4 format coffee table style.

In my design business I expanded my collection a lot especially with my Frangipani flower designs and dropped quite a few product lines in favour of others.  I have started to include hand drawn digital art designs which I do on my new big screen ipad. It’s a lot of fun to mix colours and being artistic.  Lots of new things are coming in 2023 and I’m grateful for all the support and sales I have had this year, in both my Shopify store and my two Etsy stores.

In August I judged the digital photography section of the Ekka again and was able to attend for free and did a shift looking after the displays on one of the show days.  It’s a really big event in Brisbane and was fun to be a part of.  Just after this I was the sole judge at the Mt Gravatt Show in their photography section.

I spoke at a few camera clubs this year in Brisbane and just north of Brisbane and did lots of online and in person judgings to help out camera clubs.

Our Christmas business, Santa Beach Photos has been incredibly popular this year.  We photographed hundreds of families and booked out nearly fully before we had even started shooting our first day.

Some of my fav shots from the year are below: