I caught a few shows of JP Epidemic at Easterfest this year.  One got rained out so the crowd scattered quickly but I was able to return the next day for a fantastic BMX Show.  Not the first time I’ve photographed these guys but it’s always exciting.

Looking back through my photos later I noticed that focus had easily been achieved when the rider was wearing a black t shirt against the grey sky as opposed to one of the riders jumping in a grey shirt that closely resembled the sky.  The success rate on focus being achieved was a lot less when the rider was in grey.  Obviously the camera (Canon 5d mk 3 with 70-200mm IS USM 2.8L lens) struggled with contrast in achieving proper focus.  So note to the guys if you are reading this, black t shirts are best for photography when moving fast across a grey sky.  You guys are awesome though.  Here’s a few shots that I love: