When choosing what to wear for your photo session, please keep in mind that certain colours and styles of clothing look better in photographs than others.

These days anything goes with a few little guidelines.   Wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

Blue or brown tops and jeans look nice and lend themselves to an earthy outdoor shoot.

Try to avoid sleeveless tops and don’t all wear the same colour i.e. black or you will blend into each other.

White can be hard to photograph and easily overexpose if there’s too many white shirts in one photo so block colours are better.

For girls and women, dresses or skirts that are long and ‘floaty’ look feminine and are easy to sit down on grass with or on a beach.

Trendy clothing with writing on it can date quickly so stick to plain solid colours and make sure all the people being photographed have colours that go well together (colour coordinated).

Feel free to bring a change of clothes so you have options.

Try to stay away from words, dates, and bold patterns as they can lead the eye away from the main subject and be overpowering or date the photos quickly.

Makeup should be natural so you look like yourself.

Children should be well rested and not hungry or irritable if possible.

Feel free to bring along any props such as baskets, wooden rocking horses, red wagons, soft toys, balls, pets etc.

Free minor airbrushing / minor photo retouching if required.

Free Storyboard Images will also be included on the USB or in the Google Drive.


Location options can be discussed by email or phone whilst booking, depending on the number of people to be photographed, the nature of the photography i.e. family shoot or engagement shoot and the type of look you are after i.e. urban, rural or a special secret location.


Contact me for a price with lots of info on location, number of people to be photographed etc.

Extra fees may apply for bigger groups or for travel.