It’s nearly the end of a huge year in photography.

In May this year I had a scary medical drama after detaching a retina in my right eye suddenly.  I had emergency freezing and gas bubble surgery and it took a good few months of care and checkups before my eyesight returned to normal.  I was so lucky to have my eyesight saved.  It’s my right eye and I’m a right eyed photographer so kinda essential. There was times my eye was very blurry, times when it was so super sharp I felt like Steve Austin the 6 Million Dollar Man from TV in the 70’s, and times when I sprung a leak in the retina and needed more laser surgery.  4 lots of laser surgery in all. Pleased to say I’m all good again. It certainly changes you and your outlook on life and makes you appreciate things. I had to postpone a couple of jobs but lucky it happened in winter when things are normally a bit quieter photography business wise.

Since I got better I’ve been busy photographing lots of models, a maternity shoot, newborn shoot, several families and extended families, the exhibition prize winners at a National photography competition, a marriage celebrant head shots, 3 big weddings, an engagement party, a 30th birthday fun trampoline shoot, an 8 year old’s birthday party, and got to photograph some famous BMW race car drivers at a pre race breakfast.  Lots of fun. Plus I’ve done a few guest speaker presentations on photography at various camera clubs and have completed lots of club judging both live and remotely.  Always great to see what photographers in other clubs are up to.

Coming up is a formal shoot for a lovely teenage girl and her friends, a family shoot with a newborn baby and a couples shoot in the park.

Will also be shooting Santa portraits on the beach with families and pets from early to mid December.  Details will be on our Santa Beach Photos Facebook Page and on our website for bookings at:  Last year was so much fun.  Santa really got into his posing and we had a great time meeting new people and dogs.

Then I will put my feet up for a while and look forward to what 2017 brings.

Amongst this years shooting and editing, I’ve re branded my business with a fresh new look, got a new logo stamp and business shirts, and helped my awesomely talented son build a new website.

Loving the new look.