It’s been a pretty fun and varied year for me in 2014.  Did a lot of my usual types of business photography – family portrait sessions, wedding, school formals, commercial jobs for business people, covering sporting events, shooting psychologists for their profile photos and covering events like parties, plus a few unusual things.

One of the highlights of my year was photographing Mirusia’s engagement party at Ormiston House.  Mirusia is a well known local singer who tours with Andre Rieu.  She was lovely to meet and I enjoyed a mini concert at the afternoon tea engagement party.

I also covered the launch event of a brand new Super Yacht Axis Vitae that sails on charters out of Raby Bay.  Such a beautiful boat and I got to photograph the inside, cover the media event and then go out on the water to shoot her from her tender out on the water with her sails set.  Despite the cold and light rain we had a great time.

During the year I shot some video footage of events and did some photo booth work with kids having fun.

I got to speak and judge at lots of clubs during the year and spoke at a Probus Club.  I love public speaking so am always in my element.

Personal photography wise, I shot a lot more images than last year as I started to get back into landscape, nature and long exposure photography and shooting people and events for fun.  I made lots of new photography friends and we had a great 3 day weekend away on Straddie a few months ago.

Last week I was a Santa Photographer covering for a friend.  It was heaps of fun but stressful at times with a few terrified kids and a couple of demanding customers.  Santa was a lovely elderly gentleman and he used to be a photographer in his younger days so we had lots to talk about between customers.  We printed the images on site so there was a few issues at times with the printer too.  But all in all, a great day.

Seasons greetings to all my clients this year and photography friends.  Looking forward to much more photography next year.