Late last year I got to work for Lightwave Yachts photographing the inside and outside of their latest catamaran.  It was a great day out as we used to own a yacht in New Zealand before moving to Australia and I’ve grown up around boats all my life including having a small family boat now.  So 25 knot winds didn’t phase me at all.

First I photographed in inside before salt spray got onto the windows and then we left the Marina for the bay and I did some action shots while we were motoring along.  Then my eldest son (who has a boat licence) and I got into the small tender and were set adrift.  We had to sit there for quite a long time as the boat made runs past us with its sails set and the bow just off 30 deg.  Waves were breaking over the bow of the tender into my shorts so that was interesting.  Lucky it was summer.

We got the shots we needed and then were helped back onto the big yacht for the sail back to the marina.  One of my shots made the front cover of Multi Hull World Magazine and there was about 13 of my photos inside the magazine too.  Was pretty proud of that and hope I get to work for them again.