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New Glass USB’s

I started shooting weddings in 2006 and over that time I've had quite a few brides come back to me upset that they have misplaced the disk of wedding images I gave them.  Disks are easy to lose in all your personal belongings I admit.  I switched to USB's a few years later when computers especially Mac's started being manufactured without disk slots.  The future was seeable right there.  DVD's were on their way out.

Photos are Precious

Photos are precious.  Capturing history and the humans that pass through it. If your house is on fire, you don’t rush to grab your spatula from the kitchen drawer, you look for your photos, your negatives, photo albums, framed prints on the walls, canvases, hard drives, USB’s, wedding albums and photo books.  Whatever way you have your images captured and stored. According to a survey, the average camera owner has 1200 snaps saved on their

From High Places

In between paid photography jobs lately I've been finding myself in high places and always with a camera.  Loving my new Canon M6 mirrorless and the extra 55-200mm lens which is great for shooting.  Lucky I'm not afraid of heights leaning over balconies and off cliffs to get shots.  A few of my favourites here.  Liked for different reasons. This guy was sprung checking out the girl's butt

Nearly the End of 2016 & Medical Dramas

It's nearly the end of a huge year in photography. In May this year I had a scary medical drama after detaching a retina in my right eye suddenly.  I had emergency freezing and gas bubble surgery and it took a good few months of care and checkups before my eyesight returned to normal.  I was so lucky to have my eyesight saved.  It's my right eye and I'm a right eyed photographer so kinda

Just Past the 90 Mark

The last wedding I did of the lovely Michelle and Vadim was wedding number 90 for me.  I like to think I've learnt a lot along the way from the very nervous photographer who took up knitting in the week prior to my first wedding with my trusty assistant Chris by my side (who also had no idea what he was doing) to the photographer who still occasionally gets lost or breaks a leg.  All in

First Quarter 2016 Wrap Up

So to wrap up the first quarter of 2016, it’s been a busy one. I’ve done lots of photography jobs ranging from weddings and portrait sessions (families and headshots) to boudoir (French for Sexy Bedroom Photography) which I really enjoy doing, and even shot a bunch of baseball teams for their end of season photos. I did a shoot for a Valentines Day Makeover (Slob to Heart Throb) for a radio station and photographed a

Lawdy Miss Claudy Shoot

On Sunday I did a fun shoot with the owner of an exciting new business called Lawdy Miss Claudy.  It's a mobile hair and makeup vintage caravan custom built to service clients in luxury.  We did a mock bridal shoot for advertising and marketing purposes and it was a lot of fun even if a storm did come over later in the day and we had to be quick.  It's such a great idea for

Wayne & Eileen’s Wedding Day

First weddings are fun and exciting and usually beautiful, but second weddings are often more about love, commitment and fun.  I like them both for different reasons. Wayne and Eileen's wedding was a Second Wedding and definitely lots of fun.  They had 3 massive fancy trucks, teddy bears and lots of love.  Some of my fav pics from the day:  

Lots Been Going On

Lots of work this year which has been great.  Normally things are quiet over winter for me and photography but not this year.  I had a nice constant flow of work and even managed to break myself, 3 pieces of camera equipment and get better again to shoot a whole lot more jobs.  I've also been to 4 camera clubs doing judgings and giving presentations at Ipswich, Greenbank, Mt Gravatt and Wynnum. Some pics from

David & Cassie’s Special Day

A few weeks ago I got to photograph the really beautiful wedding of David and Cassie.  I'd photographed David's sisters wedding 4 years earlier and they were in the bridal party too so it all felt very comfortable, friendly and familiar.  The weather was very kind to us and we got to drive golf buggies around the golf course which is always fun.  Some of my many favourite shots from the day are below:    

Rodeo Day

A day at the rodeo with my camera club was a very fun day indeed.  Good company, nice burger for lunch and some awesome action. Loved the bull riding the best.  So much carnage.  Felt a little underdressed though in my plain black jeans - no bling, no bling belt, no dangy bling earrings, no bling hat or a horse wearing bling either. Some of my fav shots from the day:    

Extended Family Shoot

Always lots of fun when you get an extended family together with Grandparents, parents who are also siblings and their children who enjoy playing with their cousins.  I did a shoot in an area I've never been to before on Saturday and it was a fantastic area in to work in a dry river bed.  A few of my favourite shots from the day:  

Wynnum Manly Ladies’ Skippered Yacht Race

Yesterday I spent the day on the water photographing a Ladies' Skippered Yacht Race out of Wynnum Manly.  It was to raise money for Breast Cancer so lots of entrants got into the spirit of things wearing pink including the guys.  Lots of thought gone into some of the costumes.  I was out on a really nice big old wooden boat with a flybridge so I didn't get wet at all.  It was 15-20 knots

Napping in Public

Looking through my holiday photos and I notice that I'm quite often drawn to photographing people napping in public.  Those in poorer countries seem to have no problem with lying down anywhere for a nap or for the night.  Sometimes it's their home. Here's a few of my favourite images in black and white:   Even tourists need a nap This guy wasn't there later so I think he was just napping and not really dead

Quick Sunset Shoot

Last night I did a quick trip to Wellington Point to shoot the sunset while the tide was in and looking great.  Caught up with a few friends there too. Testing out my new 17-40mm wide angle lens.      

Up to a Few Things

Been up to a few things with my camera lately.  Photographing the awesome Watoto Children's Choir when they visited our area.  Also a family shoot and a portrait workshop with a camera group at Boggo Road Gaol.  It was an interesting afternoon exploring the old abandoned jail, the dark and dank cells - most with interesting poetry and artwork inside them and also photographing models that were there for us to work with.    

JC Epidemic in Action

I caught a few shows of JP Epidemic at Easterfest this year.  One got rained out so the crowd scattered quickly but I was able to return the next day for a fantastic BMX Show.  Not the first time I've photographed these guys but it's always exciting. Looking back through my photos later I noticed that focus had easily been achieved when the rider was wearing a black t shirt against the grey sky as

Beautiful Beach Wedding

Following on from last Saturday's wedding I photographed another beach style wedding.  The bride was the most organized person so everything flowed smoothly.  There was even timelines stuck to the walls of the house for the guys not to miss a beat and the walls of the hotel room.  It kept everything and everybody on schedule.  They still managed to have a beachside wedding despite early morning rain.  A treat for us and the guests was

Lovely Wedding

It was a bit stormy and raining on Saturday during a wedding I photographed but we were able to get out for some fun at Point Danger in-between showers.  It was a really beautiful wedding with so much love on display.  It was very special to see the Padlock being hung on the fence and the keys thrown into the ocean.  That was fantastic. A few favourite images from the day:    

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